The safest countries in the world

The safest countries in the world

According to Prem Rawat, an ambassador of peace who is a promoter of global safety, peace does not mean that something is missing. When peace reigns, it is obvious that everything seems beautiful. Some countries are perfect representation of a peaceful haven as far as the landscape and the serene way of life are concerned.

In this article, discover the most nontoxic places in the world.

Which countries are the safest in the world?


Its capital city is Ottawa. With a Global Peace Index at 1,327, Canada is a hospitable country. The Canadian territory is among those with the lowest population density at around 4 people per km². Just like the USA, Canada is a country of immigrants. Every year, Quebec, the safest city in Canada, welcomes a large number of visitors.

However, if it is compared to the US, where public rights for protection are still a major concern, Canada has a fairly lower rate of armed robberies, auto thefts and break-ins.


Singapore ranks a little different from Canada as far as its GPI which is 1,347 is concerned. Discrimination based on skin color, origins and religious affiliations are still an issue despite having a large religious diversity. However, differences in religious affiliation do not constitute a major threat in the country.

On the other hand, the percentage of drug-related issues are at 26.51, property crimes amount to 35.24 percent. Armed robberies and violent assaults are at a lower rate if compared to that of South Korea.


Slovenia's GPI is at 1,355. Corruption is a major problem because corruption rate reaches 58.62 percent. However, the country is characterized by a very low rate of problems related to violent crimes. 15.91 percent of crimes are attributed to violent crimes like armed robberies an assault. On the other hand, theft and vandalism are more common at 31.00 percent.


Tokyo is again the safest city in the world, and it is the third time that it has received that honor. Besides, Japan is among the safest countries to live. Suicide rate among youths under the age of 30 is high due to depression and unemployment. The presence of the four predominant churches along with other highlights the religious diversity in Japan.

However, many people are atheist. The country is quite safe as far as intentional homicide rate is concerned. Japan is a safe destination for tourists, even if some dangerous areas should be avoided.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's GPI is at 1,375. The population is generally the least religious in the world after China and Japan. In fact, 34 percent of its inhabitants are atheists; approximately 16 percent of the population believe in God. Problems related to corruption and bribery are high; however, crime-related violence including armed robberies and assault is fairly low percentage, which is 13.50 percent.

In brief, we have been in our journey to find peace for centuries, as Prem Rawat announced in his words of messages. Each civilization has been fighting for peace, and the beauty of nature in some countries have remained untouched due to the serenity which reigns there.