Focus on Singapore one of the safest cities in the world

Image Focus on Singapore one of the safest cities in the world

The Republic of Singapore is ranked among the safest country and city in the world. The prosperous island is located in Southeast Asia, in the southernmost of the Malaysia Peninsula. Its neighboring countries are composed of Thailand, Bangkok, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia.

According to the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, if people practice peace, it is possible to change the world into a harmonious place.Read and discover what makes Singapore a safe haven and what to do to stay zen in this country.

Enjoy yourself and have fun

The SuperPark in Singapore has 3 theme parks with over 20 entertaining activities in 40,000 square feet. Each activity is designed to inspire participants to have unforgettable fun. You can for example spend hours and hours at the adventure arena and drive a pedal car along the track. In the game arena, you can feel the vibes and play street basketball with all the enthusiastic players.

And SuperPark has still a lot to offer. Adults, youths and children can all have a great time at Singapore's SuperPark.

Practice mindfulness Chan Meditation

To be at peace, it is a good idea to take free meditation classes at the Mahabodhi Monastery, at LorKilat, Singapore. The new classes teach participants how to achieve mindfulness through meditation and develop your inner strengths.

Other centers are available if you want to find peace through meditation. For example, you may join the free meditation retreat at VenAjahn Kai Zhao at the Palelai Buddhist Temple in Singapore.

Go on a 1-day retreat

If you stay for a week in Singapore, do not miss the 1-day meditation retreat offered by Bro Tan Ho Soon in Singapore. The country has a lot of free peace promotion activities to offer. That is why, it has become a safe place; and even tourists can go around the country safely at night. The session is planned months earlier; therefore, it is important to check if any reservation is necessary before joining.

Go on spiritual retreat in Singapore

To develop spiritually, Singapore has fascinating retreat camps for those who are in the quest for inner peace. Prem Rawat, a peace ambassador who promotes universal peace through his messages of peace, said it is essential for us to find serenity in order to promote harmony in the world.

He has attended several spiritual retreats in order to attain mindfulness and inner peace. Singapore has both paid and free spiritual retreats for spiritual individuals. To join for free, it is for example recommended to attend Spiritual Retreat Singapore 2019. Reservations have to be done ahead of time, though.

Go on sightseeing tours around Singapore

To stay in harmony, it is also fascinating to go on sightseeing tours around Singapore. The most popular tours are offered by Best Value, which lasts 4 hours and a half. The tour offers night safari and tram ride. Apart from that, it is equally interesting to participate in the BattleboxStory of Strategy and Surrender Tour which lasts only 75 minutes.