Discover Tokyo as one of the safest city in the world

Image Discover Tokyo as one of the safest city in the world

Tokyo, Japan, is one of the most peaceful haven in the world. Peace is what makes life precious, as the ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat implies in his messages of peace for the universe. He is the founder of the TPRF Foundation which is involved in humanitarian services and peace education.

Most people on earth are in the quest for serenity due to the presence of stress and conflicts in several parts of the world. Tokyo, Japan is popular with its awesome gardens, spiritual retreat camps and peaceful resorts.

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Island of Peace, Tokyo

Nowhere else but in Tokyo, Japan can you find an island which is called "Island of Peace". It is famous for its quiet garden and peaceful environment; but it also possesses a busy fish marketplace. It is located in the heart of Tokyo. To enjoy serenity, it is advisable to have some time at the teahouse near the lake, where you can taste the bitter, thick, green tea that you can drink with Japanese sweets.

Yoyogi Park in Tokyo

The iconic Yoyogi Park is located in Shibuya, near the Meiji Shrine, a temple located in downtown Tokyo. It is the most pacific park where one can stay at peace along the day or even at night and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are many activities including small-group biking tour and food tour organized during your visit at the Park.

The park is enjoyable and suitable for jogging in the fresh air. It is so peaceful to listen to the songs of the black crows while walking among the picturesque cherry blossom. It is possible to have a picnic and sit on the benches at the park.

Peaceful places

Among the several pacific places in Tokyo, it is also worth finding serenity in the following destinations: 

  • Hamarikyu Gardens, which is ideal for a peaceable day in the scenic nature after drinking tea at the local tea house
  • Meiji Jingu Shrine, where you can enjoy serenity in nature, and admire the beautiful temple, where traditional wedding ceremonies take place
  • Nezu Museum, which is endowed with a peaceful place for serenity, where you can feel completely safe behind the museum
  • Mount Fuji Seiyoen, which is a spiritual retreat camp, located in the mountains. It is a pacific destination for those who are in quest for wellness. It is famous for its beautiful forest trees and streams; and medicinal tea and massages are available

Shogan-ji, Ojuki, Oita

To enjoy some peaceful time and advance spiritually in Tokyo, it is recommended to go to the spiritual retreat camps in Tokyo. Among the most renowned spiritual camps in Tokyo, our pick is Shogan-ji, Ojuki, Oita. It is a Buddhist temple homestay at the seaside, in the corner of Kyushu. The 600-year-old temple can host foreign visitors who are hungry for spiritual advancement. It is located in the middle of nature.

Each day, the hustling sound of the trees and the melodious songs of birds make you feel Zen. It is an ideal spot for group meditation. The peace mediator Prem Rawat has been in many spiritual retreats to attain inner tranquility. Tokyo is a famous destination for spiritual retreats and to find mind tranquility.